Activities in Bardia

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We offer you a wide range of activities at reasonable prices with experienced local guides.

Our quality jungle safari in Bardia National Park is eco friendly and respectful of wildlife of the National Park.
At Bardia Kingfisher we don’t propose tightly scheduled packages, because we want to give you the best opportunity to make your own schedule, based on your free time, your mood, your interests, the weather etc …
With us you’re free to decide on what you want to do in Bardia. Our guides are always available to ask advice from.

Jungle walk with an experienced guide (full day or half day)

Jungle treks with Bardia Kingfisher Resort 13

We pride ourselves on making sure everyone has a great time at Bardia Kingfisher Resort

Spend the day wildlife tracking and spotting with one of experienced guides in Bardia. This is the most popular activity in all of Bardia National Park.

We leave Kingfisher early in the morning and venture in to the grasslands. From their we make our way to the Karnali river to a look post which will be our base camp for the day. We’ll take trips out from base camp to Rhino bathing spots. We’ll watch out for wild elephant passing through. And we’ll sit nearby popular tiger spotting areas. Before it’s dark we return back to the resort.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari in Bardia

Take a jeep into the deep jungle

Jeep safaris are another top favourite among our many visitors. They allow us to leave early and drive deep into the jungle. There’s a much higher chance at seeing tigers with a jeep safari than on foot.

There’s quite a bit of jungle trekking involved with a jeep safari too as we need to get out of the vehicle into the jungle on many an occasion.

Jeep safaris usually accommodate up to 5 people. But we can also bring solo travelers or couples.

Rafting trip in the Karnali river

Jungle treks with Bardia Kingfisher Resort 9

Rafting in Bardia

Spend the day rafting on the beautiful Karnali river. We’ll see Marsh Mugger and Gharial Crocodiles along with many different species of bird.

We’ll make several stops along the way to visit the jungle too. It’s very common to have a Rhino sighting with a rafting trip. You might even experience the thrill of rafting right by a bathing rhino!

Fishing trip

Fishing for Mahsheer in Bardia

Fishing for Mahsheer in Bardia

Either by boat or by foot we’ll bring our own equipment to the best fishing spots in Bardia. The magnificent Golden Mahsheer is the aim of the day.

All fish are placed back in the river for conservation efforts

Village tour by ox cart

Ox cart tours in Bardia

Take a cultural ox cart ride

If you’d like to see and experience Tharu culture then taking a ox cart tour of the surrounding villages is a great way to do it.

Hop on board a traditional ox driven cart as we visit real villages, schools, markets and communities around Bardia.

Our full list of activities in Bardia
  • Jungle walk with an experienced guide

    Come camping with us in Bardia National Park

  • Rafting trip in the Karnali river
  • Jeep drive
  • Fishing trip
  • Night camping inside & outside of the jungle (buffer zone)
  • Bird watching
  • Tharu cultural dance
  • Visit to a dolphin site
  • Mini-trekking in Telpani
  • Visit to the Blackbuck antelope site
  • Village tour by ox cart
  • Babai valley walk

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